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Mezcal is something that you have to try

Mezcal, one of the world’s fastest-growing spirit categories, has been on a tear recently. Exports are at an all-time high, and output is also up. With more bottles entering the country than ever before and an explosion of mezcal bars springing up around the country, not to mention massive investments by global corporations, many are finally developing a true taste for Mexico’s most cherished liquor. Some are beginning to wonder what the future holds to buy mezcal online.

Mezcal is a distilled alcohol made from the agave plant, which is also used to make tequila. In a nutshell, agave is responsible for endless good evenings and all the drunken texts you never intended to send.  Also, there are about 200 different varieties of agave plants, 45 to 50 of which are utilised to manufacture and buy mezcal online.

In some respects, the future of mezcal is precisely where it began: in Mexico’s wilderness, at little distilleries that operate in the same manner they did 500 years ago. While Oaxaca remains the material heart of mescal the great majority of it is produced there and the spirit’s future continues to spread across the country, from Michoacán to Durango to San Luis Potosi, where some say the best mezcal is being created today.

The little north-central state is better recognised for its waterfalls and well-preserved colonial architecture than for its distilling tradition. It was established and extensively exploited for its rich silver mines in the nineteenth century. Some of the structures from that time period still exist as where mezcal is made.