maid to take care of baby

Infant Care Maids in Singapore

We understand how challenging it is to provide for your infant while working full-time, just like all working parents who have a newborn. The typical approach is to rely on the grandparents, but even they now prefer to take a break and enjoy their last years. The fact that working parents now have more options makes hiring a full-time maid one of the best options for caring for a newborn. This is not to say that grandparents nowadays don’t adore their grandchildren.

The high level of living in Singapore makes it challenging for one parent to stay home and take care of children, and childcare is too early for a baby. A family with two incomes is frequently necessary to maintain a certain standard of living.

So, is there a maid to take care of baby at the infant care services? Naturally, they do.

Infant care centers’ advice

  1. They will advise the employer to give the maid enough time to rest. The boss should let the maid take an afternoon sleep if she remained up late. It will also be risky for the maid to take care of your newborn if she isn’t adequately rested.
  1. They will also caution the employer not to expect much from the maid regarding cooking and housework because most of her time would be spent caring for the newborn.
  1. They advise hiring two maids rather than one if an employer has twin babies. This is because a maid already finds it challenging to care for one newborn.